Sandra Sterle


Gallery of fine Arts, Split, 2005

INTEGRATION/Who Wants to Play? is a multi-channel video installation. The performance person can be recognized as clown despite the artist’s fragmentary disguise. Symbolically, the clown presents the real state of things by reversing the order, importance and consequences of the current state. The clown has right to treat even key issues with irony, so it presents Croatia (or any other country) joining the EU as a mere game. The installation presents the clown in three simultaneous situations: the first, a determined but indifferent clown poses in the middle of a childish version of the European wreath of golden stars, parodying official posing for the criminal record office; second, the longest projection, shows the clown winning in court, bringing toys and balloons, sleeping, running and sunbathing. The third projection, opposing the first, shows the clown behind the bars of a basement window. He watches the courtyard sadly because he cannot enter it anymore.


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