The Colonised Body

Personally for me this lecture was not as captivating as the previous few, I feel that this is because maybe I did not quite understand ‘The Colonised Body’ in comparison to The Body on Edge ect. I felt although the artists work we were shown in lecture were interesting, because they were not as shocking as The Body on Edge my mind was not as engaged, a tough lecture to follow, as the works were not as memorable as an artist pulling a scroll out of her vagina.

Ellen Gallagher

Ellen Gallagher is an American artist. Gallagher frequently collects and appropriates images from magazines aimed at African American women, many of them suggesting the use of prosthetic enhancements to diminish blackness. In collaging a range of materials into the surfaces, including plasticine, rubber and coconut oil, Gallagher adds her own humorous prostheses, developing a personal visual language.



Kara Walker

Kara Elizabeth Walker is an American contemporary artist who explores race, gender, sexuality, violence and identity in her work. She is best known for her room- size tableaux of black cut- paper silhouettes. Walker lives in New York and is on the faculty of the MFA program at Rutgers University.


Walker disrupts the narrative of her pieces by using disturbing parts of images that she has found in archives, she then subverts these into silhouettes. What she leaves out of her images is equally as important as what she puts in them.


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