Amelia Jones – Body Art Performing the Subject.

Amelia Jones – Body Art Performing the Subject, is a text I initially struggled to read. The pages assigned to us were in the middle of the book and without prior knowledge to what this book was about I almost felt thrown in the deep end.

However as I struggled through the first few paragraphs I began to make my own opinion of this writing, some paragraphs I found the most interesting. The way she writes, the topics these are on, using just enough examples of other artists and throwing the odd quote around. These sections of the text were easy to read as they kept my focus and if im being honest I felt I actually understood them – something that does not come that naturally to me in artists books-. However I felt certain paragraphs were a bit overbearing, I got lost in the writer just endlessly streaming on and on about other artists and their work and their practice and what they did and how they felt and what year this and that happened, and part of me just wanted to shout “Whats YOUR opinion!!”.

Overall I really enjoyed the text, despite occasionally getting lost in a flurry of other artists, I feel that parts I did understand and manage to read were really well written and in some cases I found parts even slightly funny.


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