The Body On Edge

In this week lecture we looked at The Body on The Edge, looking into artists who push themselves and their body to the extremes in order to complete their practice. The title The Body on The Edge can also be interpreted as not only testing ones self and the body but also physically putting the body on the edge e.g on the edge of a cliff.

Body Art VS Performance Art

Performance is a much bigger/broader/wider medium as it can include others whereas body art is about the body, it is a specific approach to performance within a specific area under the performance umbrella.

Embodiment: the representation or expression of something in a tangible or visible form.

Embodiment isn’t just the presence of the body, it is all the different things people are engaged in, both performer and audience, this also applies to and affects the energy in a room during a piece.

I found this lecture interesting, however at times it put me on edge due to the nature of some of the video art. Artists such as:

Yoko Ono – The Cut Pieces 1965
Chris Burden – Shoot 1971
Carolee Schneemann – Meat Joy & Interior Scroll
Marina Abramovic – Rhythm 0 1974

all have work that we looked at in this weeks lecture that made me feel uncomfortable at times, it put me on the edge of my seat and the edge of my nerves. It is very difficult for the audience to remain detached (even whilst only watching online video clips) from work in this medium, the audience, even without realising are always involved due to the nature of their reaction or lack of reaction.



The Body On Edge Today?

Artists such as Andrea Fraser and Amalia Ulmon are starting to question this by using social media accounts ect to create their art work.

I personally do think that this could be the way that some, not all body artists may practice their work in the future. As a world growing in social media, I think that it would be not only an interesting but also a smart move for artists to slip into this medium.


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