This is my first lecture in the Bodies of Difference module, it was largely spent outlining the course, how the assessment was going to take place and how lectures would work within the classroom. I learnt that I would be looking at all types of bodies during this module, and that it would be built upon the collaboration of students helping each other learn about different or unheard of artists through different online websites. To finish off the lecture we then looked at examples of artists who work with the body and how these can all differ from the word and meaning of the word.

Holly Herndon – Lonely at the top
During this lesson I learnt that Holly Herndon was a sound artist specialising in ASMR, a medium I had not until then heard of. We were listening to her work as it incorporates the absence of the body, it is an incredibly personal and intimate piece, yet no physical body is present. I found this sound piece quite creepy and un nerving, I felt as if I shouldn’t have been there listening as although it came across as a paid experience, it still felt too intimate for me to intrude upon. However it almost reminded me of a massage I once got in Indonesia, and that was a nice memory to look back on.

Marta Popivoda (Walking Theory) – Yugoslavia

The second piece we looked at in todays lecture, looking at ‘the collective body’. The body in public, in protest, the body beyond yourself.

Andrea Fraser

The third artist of the lecture that I found interesting. The Woman In Green piece showed me how Fraser takes structures of the art world and involves them in her pieces by enacting and over preforming particular audioguides. Her work relates to the body through her own body and sexuality.


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